Improving Workplace Wellbeing and Performance

Employee ill health costs British businesses £600 per employee, per year, according to research from the CIPD.

NICE estimates that the annual cost of mental ill health to an organisation with 1000 employees is £753,950, or £754 per employee per year.

A study by the Centre for Mental Health, in 2008, shows that one worker in six will be experiencing mental distress, depression or problems relating to stress at any one time.

It’s time to change this.

Creating A Positive Working Environment

We are dedicated to helping you improve your organisational performance by creating and developing wellbeing programmes that deliver long-lasting impact.

Supporting you as you create, develop and sustain a positive working environment, that values employee wellbeing and performance.

The value of a positive working environment on employee wellbeing and company performance is clear;

  • Improved Productivity – through lower levels of presenteeism and higher employee engagement
  • Direct and Indirect Cost Reduction – through reduced sickness absence levels and improved staff retention
  • Enhanced Organisational Reputation and Culture – through improvements to customer service, enhanced personal resilience and a greater commitment from staff towards their employer