Leadership and Management Development

The following three programmes are designed for leaders, executives and managers to enable them to generate commitment and trust amongst their staff, so leading to improved wellbeing and performance.

Our programmes have been developed in conjunction with Professor Derek Mowbray from The Management Advisory Service, the recognised authority on wellbeing, performance and the development of positive working environments.

The Core Programme – Managing Wellbeing and Performance

This programme should be an essential element within your management training structure. Its purpose is to provide leaders and managers with what they need to know and do to effectively manage wellbeing and performance.

It includes important sections on the prevention and management of stress, because stress has a highly negative impact on both wellbeing and performance.


The programme covers the following twelve key aspects of wellbeing management:

  • Creating the right culture, climate and working environment
  • Prioritising people management activities
  • Good communication
  • Good person-job fit
  • Assessing, evaluating and changing your behaviours
  • Flexibility, trust and control
  • Being responsive to individual vulnerability
  • Pressure Profiling (Stress Risk Assessment)
  • Stress Risk Management
  • Stress Prevention
  • Managing your resilience
  • Promoting resilience in others

This is an in-house course that can be tailored to meet your particular needs.

Changing Management Behaviour to Improve Wellbeing and Performance

This seminar is about how to change manager and leader behaviour to increase the performance and productivity of staff by achieving strong emotional and practical engagement and minimising psychological distress in the workforce.

High strength staff engagement delivers hugely improved flexibility, adaptability, performance, innovation and achievement. There is a corresponding reduction in costs associated with manager time spent on managing stress, on lower productivity, high presenteeism, high sickness absence and high staff turnover.

Leaders and Managers behaviour is critical in achieving staff engagement. It is the ability of each and every leader and manager to build and sustain commitment and trust between themselves and their staff that leads to the high level dividend of strong staff engagement.

This seminar is for Executives, Managers, HR specialists, Occupational Health specialists, Organisation and Management Development specialists and anyone with an interest in wellbeing, performance and productivity at work.


  • Why leader and manager behaviour is so important in delivering high dividend staff engagement
  • How leader and manager behaviours can be a threat to wellbeing, performance, productivity and engagement
  • Assessing leader and manager behaviours
  • Assessing staff levels of engagement
  • The attributes, attitudes and behaviours that promote commitment and trust
  • The range of approaches available for changing manager behaviour
  • The techniques that bring a change in manager behaviour
  • How to apply these approaches in practice
  • The Return on Investment
  • Action planning

This workshop can be tailored to the requirements of different organisations and groups.

The Personal Resilience and Manager’s Resilience workshops are also available for use through a licensed Train the Trainer programme.

Click this link to The Resilience Training Company for more details.

How to Create a Positive Working Environment

This one day masterclass looks at organisational and management actions that improve wellbeing and prevent work-related stress. It also provides practical guidance on effective wellbeing interventions and shows how the return-on-investment can be measured.

This seminar aims to raise awareness of the NICE guidance and the other UK Government initiatives and to provide practical advice on how to implement the guidance in your workplace so that staff wellbeing and performance improves in measurable ways and you create a positive working environment.

This seminar is relevant for anyone with a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, promoting mental wellbeing at work and with an interest in employee wellbeing and performance.


  • The new NICE guidance on Promoting Mental Wellbeing at Work: What is it and who is it for?
  • How this links to and builds on previous Government initiatives e.g. HSE Management Standards (Stress)
  • Why an emphasis on enhancing wellbeing is likely to be much more effective than the old emphasis on reducing stress?
  • The links between mental wellbeing and performance: organisational, individual
  • How to calculate the cost of mental ill health in your organisation
  • Reliable, valid and effective tools for measuring mental wellbeing at work
  • The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda: Introduction
  • Implementing a Wellbeing and Performance Agenda: a Framework you can use for Wellbeing Strategies
  • Creating a Positive Working Culture
  • Generating Employee Engagement
  • The role of managers in managing mental ill health and promoting mental wellbeing; training implications
  • Interventions for all employees: prevention, resilience, stress management
  • Effective Support structures
  • Evaluating the success of your wellbeing strategies and interventions
  • Measurement tools and ROI tools you can use
  • Next steps, action planning
  • Questions, evaluation and close