Personal Resilience Development

Our Personal Resilience Development workshops show managers and individuals how to build their resilience, leading to improved performance and motivation, engagment and committment especially during periods of uncertainty and change.

Building resilience in the workforce is about building personal and corporate capacity to withstand and cope with excessive stressful events without experiencing any personal or corporate stress.

Resilience is a key aspect of a positive working environment as it focuses on personal prevention techniques, approaches and behaviours, and builds these into a corporate resilient workforce, with the additional benefits of better staff retention, low sickness absence, low presenteeism and low staff turnover rates.

Participants learn techniques and approaches to building their personal resilience (including mindfulness and meditation) and are provided with exercises and routines that can be adopted on a daily basis.

This programme, developed in conjunction with Professor Derek Mowbray from The Management Advisory Service can be delivered in different formats to senior management teams, line managers and to employees across your organisation.


  • Threats to wellbeing and performance
  • Completion and feedback on the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire
  • The approaches and techniques to building resilience based on the 7 elements of resilience
  • Techniques for self development and reinforcement of resilience

This programme can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit different requirements and group sizes.

  • 1 hour – raising awareness programme
  • One day – raising awareness with practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Coaching – practical guidance and support to individuals

The Personal Resilience and Manager’s Resilience workshops are also available for use through a licensed Train the Trainer programme.

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