Wellbeing Strategy and Charter

Demonstrate your Commitment to Organisational Wellbeing

Publishing a Charter marks the commitment that you make to organisational wellbeing and performance. You can decide to use the Charter from the International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) or develop one yourself.

The ISMAUK Charter for Wellbeing and Performance at Work presents a powerful vision of how great organisations should function when putting people at the heart of it.

It provides a template for leaders and managers on how organisations should look, feel and behave once they have a positive working culture – a culture that optimises wellbeing and performance at work.

We have the expertise and experience to guide you in developing your Charter, as well as the supporting strategy and action planning on its delivery.

A Workshop Based Programme

We deliver a structured set of workshops to support and guide you through this process. The workshops also help in creating buy-in and commitment from senior managers, which is essential if your Charter is to be successfully implemented across the organisation.

During each workshop you develop a detailed, resourced and timed action plan, so giving you a complete blue print for implementation…and we can provide on-going support to help you maintain momentum and commitment.

Developing, Reviewing and Revising Your Wellbeing Policies and Procedures

Straightforward, clear and comprehensive policies and procedures are at the core of all effective wellbeing and performance programmes. When you don’t have the knowledge or the resources to develop, review or revise your own policies and procedures, then we are here to help.

Our experience is considerable, our knowledge extensive.

Policy and Procedure Development is a Systematic Task

Developing policies and procedures is a systematic task, which needs a combination of knowledge, experience, writing skills and awareness of the organistional goals, objectives and strategy. And the ability to link it all together and be congruent with your overall approach to policies and procedures.

Communicating your Wellbeing Policies and Procedures

The task doesn’t end there. Once drafted, policies and procedures need to be reviewed and approved. And then communicated across your organisation, together with any training needed to ensure that people actually apply them, consistently and appropriately.